The BFIT Blog

Optimize Your Life

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Stay Ready

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Everything is Worship

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Build More Credit

Fit Credit

Who You Are (Powerful)

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How To Take Care of THEM

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Live by Faith

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31 Fit Challenge

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Insane Transformation

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You Are More Than You Think..

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Spirit of Life & Peace

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All Life Is Spiritual

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Fix Your Focus

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Boost Your Test Naturally

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Missions Trip to Guatemala

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You Are Made For More

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Gratitude & Grace

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Like Father, Like Son

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Hands and Feet in Guatemala

Live In Alignment

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Being Fit The Right Way

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

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One Percent Better!

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Powerful Prayers..

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Who Do You Think You Are?

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My Riches Is Life, Forever

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BFIT 30 Day Challenge

Above All Else..

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Made For More

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Live Abundantly

Be Fearless

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Restoration Is Here

You Lack Nothing..

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Do THIS Before 2022..

Prepare For Battle

Develop Your Super Power

Why Be Spiritually Fit?