Gratitude & Grace

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two things you will need on your pursuit of excellence with your fitness: gratitude and grace.

gratitude because when you have a bad week or two (or maybe a whole year :P) you can be grateful for:

- how far you've already come

- the gift of your body and life

- & for the future opportunities to improve yourself

grace because well, we all need more grace. more grace for others. more grace for ourselves.. beating yourself up and trying to punish your way into healthier living or getting super fit will never be successful long term.

grace picks you back up after when you fall and gratitude empowers you forward to make healthy decisions with positive outcomes.

give yourself grace wherever you need it this week and remember that gratitude is your superpower!

being fit is much more than aesthetics. it's being fit for whatever life throws your way and handling it with strength, confidence, and contentment.

be content but never complacent. your best self is still to come. chase them today.

get one percent better!

Coach Brian

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