You Are More Than You Think..

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You have what it takes.

and you are more than you think!

On a flight home from Charleston, I heard an incredible message. The idea was simple: everything a seed needs to manifest it's full potential is entirely found within itself..


This is true of you too! You are the seed. In the same way the seed has everything it needs to become it's fullest potential and transform into a tree that bears delicious fruit.. YOU have everything you need to do the same WITHIN you.

This is why I'm always reminding you that you are made for more. 

You are made for more than staying a seed. You are made to transform reach your full potential. You are made to produce fruits of health, wealth and enjoyment in your life.

How do you do this? Get one percent better today. 

Become more fit physically, mentally and spiritually.. because this is who you truly are.

You are made to become more of your true self. You are made to bear unique and life giving fruit. Continue becoming more you and the world will thank you as it enjoys your unique, life giving fruit!

One Percent Better,


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