You Lack Nothing..

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"The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing." - Psalm 23

Did you know you lack nothing?

Do you know the implications of this truth?

Instead of conforming to the constant ads and social media's message telling us we're always lacking, let's transform our minds this morning..

The problem with a verse / passage like Psalm 23 is EVERYBODY and their mother knows it. Even people who've never been to church have heard or read this somewhere..

So when a powerful passage becomes a thoughtless memorized verse, it can lose its' power.

Here's the Truth Kind David, a shepherd boy turned king of Israel knew intimately: Jesus is my Shepherd.

I wonder how my life would change if I really believed this truth.

If Jesus is the Shepherd, we're obviously the sheep. Sheep don't worry about food. It doesn’t stress about wolves. It rests in the presence of the Shepherd and knows it will be taken care of every single day.

If one gets lost, the shepherd runs after it. Because the most important thing about the sheep is this: it belongs to the Shepherd.

We belong to the Good Shepherd, my friend. Jesus wants to lead you, protect you, and sustain you today. Will you let Him?

When you understand the depth of this truth, you'll live differently

You’ll take that risk. You’ll build that business. You’ll ask that girl out. You’ll tell someone you love them. You’ll move confidently knowing your steps are directed. You’ll stop searching validation externally. You’ll stop chasing after the wind -- because your Shepherd’s got you. and in His presence, you lack NOTHING.

God's got you because you belong to Him.

Live this truth today. You lack nothing.

Stay Fit,


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