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"Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? 

Run in such a way as to get the prize." 1 Corinthians 9:24

What a powerful idea. This is a truth you can use in every area of life and see incredible results.

The implication is that you can indeed be in a race but not really in it to win it.

Paul says some people in the race are just going through the motions. They're either complacent or they simply don't believe they can win. Therefore, they run without the passion and determination - traits that all winners possess.

The Christian life isn't a matter of finishing in 1st or beating others to the finish line (Although being faster than your buddy feels good..) It's about having your actions reflect your beliefs. My father in law asked me once, "Are your habits aligned with your goals? If they are then great. But if not, you have to be willing to change one of them."

Meaning, you can't have lofty goals with mediocre habits. For example, in fitness, if you want great results (a strong physique, high energy, and confidence) but you have poor eating habits and inconsistent training, you end up with poor results.

The physical mirrors the spiritual.. When we don't have habits like prayer, reading Scripture, and being in community, we get poor spiritual results. But if we can create and develop healthy spiritual habits, we can rise to a vibrant and transforming walk with God. Let me be clear, it's God alone who does this transforming work in your life. All you can do is ask for more desire and get your heart and mind into a receptive state to allow Him to work.

That said, your spiritual fitness is the most important kind of fitness in life (1 Timothy 4:8)So, never neglect it. Get and stay fit so you can run your race like you're plan to WIN!

Questions To Ask Yourself To Run Well:

- Are there areas in my life where I'm just going through the motions? (Everybody has them)

- Which ones are they and why?

- Am I asking God for wisdom and for action steps to take?

- What do I spend most of my free time doing? Why? Are these things serving me well?

- What comes to people's minds when they think of me? What do I want those things to be?

Disciplines / Habits To Win:

- Wake up 30 minutes earlier this week and spend time praying and reading the Word.

- Start a prayer journal + reflect on your days / weeks.

- Pick a verse for the week and commit memorizing it.

- Fast for 2-3 meals and instead of eating food you feast on God's truth.

- Listen to worship music / audio sermons throughout the week.

- Get into community / Go to a physical church meeting / Join a Bible study. (Salt x Light is a free online Bible study you can message me about if interested)


Be Spiritually Fit,


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