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I may not know you well but I know this to be true.

You and I need to build more credit.

With our fitness, with our faith, with our mindset.

Because one day you'll be glad you did.

I know I was..

So last week I was sitting in the NICU parents lounge absolutely exhausted.

I'd barely slept for the past week and sure as heck didn't do much for my fitness..

But as I sat there physically exhausted and emotionally drained from my daughter's birth and the stress of her being in NICU.. I smiled to myself and thought, "wow.. I'm freaking glad I built some credit for this."

What do I mean by credit? I mean I've been doing things consistently what most people do occasionally.

I'd been lifting weights 4x a week on average for months - building muscle (the secret tissue) I'd been regularly creating space in my day for prayer, the Word, meditating and community on a regular basis for over a year. Not perfectly, of course, but intentionally and consistently.

By building this fitness credit through muscle gain, I bought myself a couple weeks of essentially "doing nothing" and not losing any real progress. Whereas someone who only lifts when they're motivated then falls off for a month would be in some trouble.. An event like this would set a person like that back a month or two.. maybe even a year. Or God forbid they'd let this season define them as the turning point in their life when they let their physical, mental and spiritual health take a backseat in their life.. not knowing that when they don't have their health, they don't have anything.

*Side note - Without our health, we can't have any true wealth. No amount of success in the workplace can make up for the failure to taking ownership and great care of your whole health as a man.

So by building my faith credit over time, I was able to better handle the storm of life which is called: the first few weeks of dadhood! I was able to experience God in a real and powerful way because I'd been walking with Him long before a storm came my way! I was able to experience a unique unconditional love and be able to have faith and trust in someone who, unlike the variables in NICU, never changes and is always the Solid Rock.

Now I know it's only been a couple weeks, but wisdom is known by her fruit. The real proof of this approach to life will manifest in the coming months and years. We are all..


To summarize the lesson I learned: It's better to stay ready, so you don't have to get ready.

My word of advice: Build. More. Credit.

You're going to need it. I'm going to need it. More importantly because you are worth it and your future is worth it.

So prioritize being FIT FOR LIFE. That means physical, mental and spiritual. A strong body. A resilient mind. And a connected spirit.

This is the goal. This is the way.

Choose today to

settle for nothing less than your best.

- Brian

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