How To Take Care of THEM

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Take care of YOU..

so you can take care of THEM.

THEM is anyone who needs you and deserves you at your BEST.

If you're at your best or becoming your best right now, congratulations! Be proud of yourself and celebrate that! In doing so, you are able to give more of yourself to "THEM."

But if that's not you and you don't feel like you're becoming more of yourself, that is ok. You're in the right place and you're reading this for a reason.

If you are NOT your healthiest you can be right now, give yourself some grace. The thing is you have PLENTY of reasons why that's the case.

You're working hard to make money, be successful, and attempting to keep your social life alive.. ha!

But don't make the mistake of trading your health for money. Or for losing yourself in providing for your family at the expense of your long term health.

Your "them" need you right now, but they also need you healthy in the future. 

So if you've been neglecting your fitness, nutrition and overall health, ask yourself why? Would you want to make an extra 10k a year or live an extra 10 years longer? 

Now, of course, this doesn't have to be an either / or scenario but I've seen way too many men sacrifice their long term health for the "grind" and end up getting burnt out and feeling like they let their family down in the process - the very thing they were working so hard for they imploded in the first place.

When you implode, you can't give your "them" your best.

But when you be and become your best - when you get and stay fit for life - when you become more YOU, everybody wins, my friend.

I'm blessed to be helping countless men like you transform from "made to settle" mentality to "made for more!" 

Be your be BEST so you can GIVE your BEST.

One Percent Better.

Coach Brian

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