Being Fit The Right Way

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So get this, you can look healthy outwardly but be SERIOUSLY unhealthy..

The difference is in your mindset and how you get there.

What do I mean?

The unhealthy fit person:

- Works hard + rests.. never

- Doesn't prioritize sleep

- Restricts extreme calories

- Is always on the go and can't switch it off

The HEALTHY fit person:

- Works hard and rests hard

- Prioritizes 7+ hours of sleep

- Views food as FUEL

- Prioritizes recovery and chill time

Which one do you want to be?

Fitness is so much about mindset it's WILD.

MOST people make decisions from the negative: fear, shame, guilt, etc.

But not you, not anymore. 

When you take a positive approach you will find yourself winning a whole lot more. Negative mindsets and approaches to fitness never last long, they eventually fail (ie "I have to punish my body to eat this, or "I'm not worthy until I look like that" etc.)

My friend, your body is a GIFT. It should be stewarded well. Your health and fitness should be viewed in the same way. What an honor it is to get outside and walk more, lift weights and become more capable, live with longevity and happiness well into your later years.

You are worthy and effective just the way you are. Becoming healthier doesn't make you a better human necessarily..

But when you become more fit you can live life EVEN BETTER! 

You'll develop more confidence, energy, and momentum when you get one percent better with your health.

You'd die for your loved ones no doubt (well most of them at least.. ;)

But would you LIVE for them? Would you get healthier for them? Drop the extra 20+ pounds so you can have a higher quality of life, WITH them?

You know what needs to be done. Just make sure you do it in the healthy way

Get one percent better today ?

- Coach Brian

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