Live by Faith

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"..we live by faith, not by sight." 2 corinthians 5:7

Feeling kinda faithless lately? If so, you're not alone, keep reading.

It's so easy to lose faith. It's so easy to doubt. But why? It's because of our focus.

As human beings, we can get so caught up fearing the winds and waves that we forget to trust in the One who created BOTH.

We give the forces of nature more power than the God who controls them ALL.

Idk if you’re anything like me or not but this happens all too often. Even once a day is too often!

Even Peter lacked faith. Jesus invites you to discover why just like He did with Peter. "Why? Why do you doubt? Why do you lack faith?"

The good news is this: You're going to doubt from time to time. You're not always going to be faithful..

But even when you're not, HE ALWAYS IS!

So choose to focus on Jesus today. Make Him your confidence. Make Him your hope. And praise God He will never let you down!

He remains constant, faithful, the same - yesterday, today and forever. You can bank on that!

Let your confidence be in Christ today. Fix your eyes and obey Him - just like the winds and seas do.

Stay spiritually fit,


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