Powerful Prayers..

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“Our problem typically isn’t over claiming the promises of God; it’s under claiming them.”

Do you pray boldly? Do you claim the promises of God over your life?

My friend, there is crazy power in prayer. Prayer doesn't change God but it changes us. It gives us God's perspective to our problems and lifts our aim to have crazy big dreams. It also gives us a way to practice continual gratitude and allows us to praise God for His unending love.  

Personally, I've gone through ups and downs (as does everyone) in my prayer life. Some days it seems like talking with God comes naturally as breathing.. while other times it's the last thing on my mind. But God is always faithful! 

What we need to remember, friend, is our prayer life is EVERYTHING.

Leonard Ravenhill once said, "No man is greater than his prayer life." Such a powerful thought.. 

Do you want to be used by God in a mighty way? Good. You were made to be a powerful force for good in this world. But you will never be greater than your prayer life.

Don't overcomplicate it though. To pray is to talk to and with God. He is your Heavenly Father who wants to do life with you. Praise Him, thank Him, Ask Him, Receive from Him.

If your prayer life is slacking:

#1: Jesus loves you and His love for you isn't based on your performance (but on what Jesus already did.)

#2: Ask God for the desire to want to pray more. Ask Him to resurrect your prayer life and reignite that passion within you.

And lastly, I'd love if you put it to practice and pray for our Salt x Light group headed to Guatemala in September! Pray that we will reflect the love of Jesus both in action and in words!

If you want to hear more about that missions trip, email me at bfit[at]


Stay Spiritually Fit,


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