Boost Your Test Naturally

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Today's topic.. testosterone! BFIT is all about the holistic approach to your health.

Here are 6 ways to boost your testosterone naturally.

- lift weights

- prioritize protein

- reduce body fat

- don't watch porn

- get sunshine daily

sleep 7+ hours

Lifting weights is one of the best ways to build discipline, a body you are stoked about, and increase testosterone.

Prioritizing protein means simply filling up protein rich foods first and making sure your snacks are protein rich.

Reduce your body fat. Body fat and fat related insulin resistance lower your T levels. Less body fat and more muscle means higher levels of testosterone.

Don't watch porn. It's not good for you but more importantly, it's not good for your soul. It lowers your vibration and is a counterfeit to the real thing. I could do a whole email thread on this on my Spiritually Fit newsletter but I'll keep it simple here. Porn is not real. It can be highly addicting (worse than sugar and cocaine..) and it jacks up your dopamine levels which can cause a myriad of issues like ED and is associated with increased levels of laziness, guilt, and loneliness. Bottomline: Get a wife and have sex with a real woman - that's great for testosterone AND quality of life. And if you have a wife and you're not having sex as much but you consistently watch porn, ask yourself if it's possible these two things can be related..

Get sun daily! Vitamin D deficiency is through the roof - even with people like me in Florida. The benefits are ridiculous from a body, mind, and spirit stand point. Look up the benefits of Vit D and you'll see.

And lastly, get adequate sleep! For most this is 7+ hours of sleep. Research shows plenty of things absolutely PLUMMET with low levels of rest / sleep (especially testosterone) Making sure you get sleep is absolutely vital to your life. Performance and cognitive function go way down when you're a walking zombie.. Get some sleep!

BFIT is about getting and staying FIT for life from the outside in. My passion and goal is to help you become healthier so you can inspire people around you to do the same. Don't look for quick fixes or magic pills to solve your issues. Do the work and keep getting One Percent Better!

Coach Brian

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