Brian Pruett

Creator of BFIT

Former Division 1 baseball player turned NASM certified Personal Trainer and Coach - My passion and calling is to help people become more and step into the life they were created to live!

Growing up in Sarasota, FL, I always had a passion for sports and living an active lifestyle. Eventually, I fell in love with physical training of all kinds that helped me live life to the fullest! 

In high school I was laser focused on baseball and played at the D1 level for 4 years. But as my playing days came to an end, I realized something that changed the trajectory of my life: baseball was something I did.. but it wasn’t who I was. I had a sense that my identity was far more important than just being a "ballplayer." I realized my God purpose in life - to become more me so I can help others unlock their greatness too!

So I got super fit - body, mind, spirit - and began a relentless pursuit of becoming my highest self - the man I was created to be. I believe you and I are made for more and I believe we have a unique touch of greatness within. 

I believe in life we're either running towards our potential or we're running away from it. We're either becoming more of our true self or settling for less..

As I awakened to my purpose, I committed to never settle for average anything. We were not made to just survive - but to thrive - and in ALL areas of life. 

So now the goal isn't winning championships - but to win at LIFE! And winning for me is helping others wake up to their God given potential and refuse to settle for anything less!

My constant focus is on bringing massive value to my inner circle, my clients, and the people around me. I do this through my online program BFIT

I believe in a holistic approach to life that connects the body, mind, and spirit. BFIT is designed to get you fit for LIFE. We use fitness as a vehicle to embark on the journey of a lifetime: becoming everything you were made to be. We provide workouts, guidance, community and accountability along the way. Not only that, but with our unique formula, we empower people you to ditch average and step into their potential by transforming their body and mind.

The world and business is constantly changing but my purpose remains this: Make real impact by helping people become more for their future and family.