Brian Pruett

Creator and Founder of BFIT

A former Division 1 baseball player turned NASM certified PT and Coach, my passion is to help people level up and win big in life!

I grew up in Sarasota, FL and have always had a passion for life and living it to the fullest. I was always active and heavily involved with sports growing up which gave me the opportunity to pursue a college baseball career.

But as my baseball days were coming to an end, I realized something that changed my life: baseball was just something I did.. but it wasn't who I was - An identity crisis many of us experience. Who I am goes far beyond just being an athlete. Now, I’m committed to bringing massive value to my inner circle, my clients, and the community around me.

I believe in a holistic approach that connects the body, mind, and spirit. Using this formula, I help people step into the life they were created to live. BFIT is my elite online program where we dive into all things fitness, nutrition, and mindset. The world is ever changing but my focus always remains this: Making real impact and helping people unlock their greatness!