Restoration Is Here

"He restores my soul.

He leads me in paths of righteousness

for His name sake." Psalm 23:2

How's your soul?

That's a question one of my favorite preachers Judah Smith, asks people all the time. 

Might sound weird at first.. but how is it really? Do you feel restored? Whole? Complete?

If you're anything like me, those answers aren't always "Fantastic! Yes, 100%, I'm completely and perfectly WHOLE!"

That's not uncommon either. Most people are constantly feeling like something is missing. They feel chronically incomplete. Always lacking..

But the idea of God restoring your soul implies that He's bringing it back to it's original state. Restoration is our most natural state. It's how he designed us to be.

The problem is when we look to everything else but God to fill this lack. That's why you see people with all the money, resources, and "freedom" in the world but deep down are still unrestored. It's because true restoration can only be found in God.

I love the CS Lewis quote, "God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing."

Your soul is unrestored as long as you avoid God's presence. He's the only One who can restore you to your proper state. Therefore, the more you draw closer to Him, the more He'll do what He does: Restore you to your proper form.

Take a page out of David's book and allow God to restore your soul. Instead of suppressing things or self medicating, look to the True Cure: The One who created you.

The second part of the verse explains the Christian walk well in my opinion. "For His name's sake." It is not about trying harder, being better, or behavior modification. God desires to healrestore, and transform you for HIS GLORY! Nothing else. If you could do it on your own, God wouldn't get the credit, would He? He'll lead you in the right paths so He can get the credit! And man… that gives you FREEDOM! It's not on you. It's on God.

If He wants to restore you and free you from the chains of your past, all you have to do is allow Him to do it.

So no matter what you're going through, uncertainty, loss, pain, anxiety… God wants to restore you AND lead you in paths of righteousness for His name sake!

Ask yourself these questions today: How can I glorify God in my weakness? Where has He brought me from in my past? What does that say about who He is? What does my story say about God? How can I draw closer to Him?

When you don't always know where you're going, rest assured that God does. He not only knows where you're going but He's inviting you to let Him drive so you can just enjoy the ride.

RESTORATION IS HERE. His name is Jesus.

Be Spiritually Fit,


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